Chastity belt

Chastity belt

We sincerely welcome you to the website of MY-STEEL, the exclusive manufacturer of stainless steel chastity belts for men and women. For many years, producing and selling chastity belts in the world and thus could inspire many customers of our products. Experience with our products, which are among the most exclusive, add a whole new feel yourself or your / s partner / in the (permanent) and chastity. Connect the game included the desire for a whole new level with the highest quality products and Keusschhaltung for bondage. By wearing our chastity belt increases the desire for sexual gratification and experience a new kind of sexual stimulation.

Our chastity belt specially for you designed

Our chastity belts are characterized by the exclusive look and clean high-gloss stainless steel (V2A material). Behind the extremely flat lock system conceals adjustability gives you the opportunity as a carrier of simple variations of weight adjustment and thus can be easily compensated. You need no tools or other auxiliary agents.

Of course, our chastity belts for men and women are to be worn invisibly under everyday clothing and allow, with some practice, all the important bodily functions. The waist band is selected by the material strength is so flexible that the stainless steel band around your waist or hips shall, without creating a strong selective pressure. Solely by the choice of material breaking up or cutting is impossible.

The material of the chastity belt

female chastity belt

female chastity belt

We use for our products in quality stainless steel V2A. This material is hardly noticed by the increasing nickel content, very good for allergy sufferers who react to nickel, are suitable. In selecting the material for the profiles of our chastity belts and bondage products, we have chosen the highest quality to date material: silicon in the food industry. From rubber, foam rubber and neoprene, we take for health reasons spacing. The protective edge around the chastity belt is necessary to protect your skin. The edges, due to the thickness of the stainless steel, lead to skin irritation without silicone profile.

The silicone edge of the chastity belt

The waist belt or waistband which are provided with a specially prepared silicon profile. Please find the details of the previous paragraph. The edge is firmly connected with the metal. The upper silicone profile consists of a U-shape and lies skillfully to the stainless steel. The crotch strap has a smooth profile, which is processed at the front shield and durchgehndem step band.

Are there any accessories?

Exclusive manufacturer of women’s chastity belt EdelstahlWir would like to offer not only the finest stainless steel chastity belt for men and women, but also surprise you with a wide selection of accessories. Accessories for your chastity belt is designed so that you can easily use all the plugs or dildos dildo than vaginal or anal dildo as. Also we have an essay to stimulate your program to your / s partner / in, while in chastity belt only „be active“ may. The systems are so sophisticated that you need here, too, no tools for attachment to the chastity belt. Click to look in our online store and see all the details on our high quality and exclusive products to.

Cleaning your chastity belt

As hygiene is one of the most important criteria when wearing your belt, we have also thought about the ladies and have the opportunity, even without the chastity belt store the daily shower to take the belt without having to store. The material is designed to unproblematic contact with the water to come into contact. The silicone adhesive and thereby show any reaction. In the chastity belt for men is the same were, and here incorporated the hygiene of the penis as an additional emphasis, or cleaning holes in the tube. So a clean, if desired, even during the day without any problems between the shower passes, with a small syringe with urination possible.

Where are the exclusive chastity belt made

All parts are hand-crafted in our workshop: the only way we can be the most demanding customer needs and requirements to ensure timely delivery all over the world. Whether you want an express made within 5 working days or the standard production time of 2-3 weeks? We are all customer needs. The entire production takes place in Germany, therefore we can offer you products MADE IN GERMANY. Our quality has been proven all over the world and delighted thousands of wearers.

Special solutions for your chastity belt

female chastity belt

female chastity belt

Again, we produce a premium product in every respect. We often let us inspiriren by customer needs and there are complete unique, which are tailored to your individual needs. Special engravings on the waistband or in a different location to make your product unique and personal. You may want a fill in the lock system made of gold or set with precious stones closure? We also do this for you. Talk to us and we will deliver an exceptional product.

Chastity belt males

We want to convince our exclusive products not only women but also offer many features for chastity belt for men. You will be surprised what is available in stainless steel everything.

The chastity belt as a highlight

Stylish matured over many years, the belt has been with us continuously developed. We were able to the different needs of men will ever meet. We have many different models on offer. Thus, the instrument „chastity belt“ also reached the men and found to increase sexual desire or established as an instrument for daily chastity. The possibilities are quite different, as the carrier of this product.

It only comes in stainless steel chastity belts for men to use

Just as it is. We use here only for the men and the stainless steel material. This is particularly important because this material is always in contact with the penis and thus comes with urine. In order to avoid an approach of rust, which is smooth and glossy structure is of the utmost importance. Even the penis tube, which kept the best pieces of the man and secured against unauthorized access will be cleaned in an electropolishing and surface-sealed. How we protect your new chastity belt around it and it stays with proper care, a long companion in your life.

Black is the color of the belt right?

The choice is yours. You even have the opportunity to order your chastity belt according to your color preferences. The color palette of the silicon profile extends beyond red, white, black, yellow, blue, white and pink. Thus, your new achievement in the appropriate color, for example via a latex suit or dress shine.

As the waist band at the chastity belt for men is constructed?

In principle, the waist belt or waistband is constructed exactly as in women. Here you can if you have a distinct and more feminine shape of your body, including the „super ergonomic waist belt“ grab and this order for your new chastity belt so. If you have a more typical male form your body, it is sufficient as a rule the „ergonomic waist belt“ from perfect. The pressure is distributed both band shape very well on the hip bone.

What do men prefer in your chastity belts?

For men, we engrave very often specialized engraving in the belt that affects your / your lady / gentleman or bear the name of your / your mistress / master. Thus, each slave knows exactly to whom it belongs! But you should also have an unusual request, and let us to know.

The travel system at the chastity belt

male chastity belt

male chastity belt

The sophisticated travel system, which we can put you at the juncture of the waistband to the step band, offers the possibility that you can combine your chastity belt and so perfectly put it in a box or drawer can. Simple and space-saving storage or travel may not be. The crotch strap can be removed completely from the waist band. Of course, also a change of the individual step bands is possible. Let your imagination run wild …

Plugs and Dildos

We have a wide range of accessories for your chastity belt in the program. Just to list a lot of accessories: dildos and plugs for the anal area and around the mount on the front label outside. Thus, the / partner / partner get out of it. Furthermore, electric dildos are integrated so that an electrical stimulation device for attaching a chastity belt to your problem.

Chastity Belt femals

As you have probably read on the home already, we also make chastity belts for women. The ladies just ask for a chastity belt made of stainless steel, like the men. Thus, we alsoproduce for the ladies this stylish high quality and specially designed belt.

Women also place a chastity belt worth on appearance

This is where we have set – our chastity belts are visually sophisticated eye-catcher. All along the lines of „too good to wear underneath.“ And that’s what we want to achieve. The chastity belt has been established in the course of time as a complete instrument of chastity, and has spread in all layers of society. One might almost think that he would replace the „normal underwear.“ No, it’s not quite as bad, but not long established itself this chastity belt made of stainless steel for many women in the cabinet to a useful part of every day. Just by the high-gloss steel, which is a pure and clear optics, these belts are not only for protection, but rather as a BDSM and fetish items like this and worn underneath.

It is in the women’s chastity belts used solely V2A

Just as it is. A material which is already live in the central area for many years of use, let your sensitive skin. Stainless steel not only looks elegant but also has the advantage that no allergic reactions on contact with skin and genitals can be triggered.

What colors have the chastity belts for femals?

Here the ladies are a wide range of colors available. Seven colors for silicone skating are available. You can have your chastity belt in a classic black silicone can customize with your profile or opt for red, blue, pink, white, blue or yellow. Of course you can also combine – then you could do the waistband and the crotch belt must be black. Here the imagination knows no bounds.

What accessories are available for women?

For women, we offer a wide range of accessories for the chastity belt. How about a dildo made of stainless steel for anal or vaginal area? This consists of different balls, you can customize your own? Also plugs made of acrylic or silicone, we are offering. With the help of Analschildern You can use these plugs in the anal area. The choice is yours!

What opportunities does the waist band of chastity belts for femals?

Who has not seen it yet, the classic waist belt (Basic), which is just down to the waist or hips of the woman and ends at the front ends to the locking system. This is especially good if you prefer the original or historical look. That’s good – but is much better: we have made in recent years, many worry about the comfort of mind. To use the body contour perfectly, we have the „ergonomic“ shape of the hip bone in the offer. The selective pressure on the hip bone is minimized and distributed more on the lower edge of the waist band. Especially for chastity belt worn at the waist, we have developed a „super-ergonomic“ waist band. Here, the waist band is at the height of the hip bone laterally outward. The pressure is now flat and is more comfortable to wear. For chastity belts that are worn below the navel, an ergonomic waist band is sufficient. Thus, the band is close to the body and in places is not from.

Delivery of the Chastity Belt

We require a production time of 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment and the dimensions. Please note that any chastity belt is unique and is made to your measurements. You can not expect it, you can use our express service. The chastity belt will be made within 5 working days of receipt of the dimensions and Zahle.

Brighten up the chastity belt with engraved, gold and Swarovski crystals

Especially our high quality chastity belts are known for their exclusive design and the comfort and in all countries of the world delivered. So we have especially demanding customers who want a special closing, the following possibilities: How about a gold inlay or Swarovski crystals? We put your wish in order for you individually. Let your chastity belt to be something really special! There are no limits – a Brilliant can be incorporated. In addition, you can give the chastity belt an individual note, find the signs and engravings on front waist band again. Let your imagination run wild.

Combine some stainless steel chastity belt with a bra for femals!

The chastity belt can be combined with a bra made of stainless steel. The bra is fully adjustable: you can adjust the volume and the chains that go over the shoulder cut. Thus, the BH with the chastity belt can be securely connected, we have connecting chains with brand locks on offer. Pleased with this set, you certainly your / your partner / in and guaranteed to fall at any BDSM party.

– MY-STEEL your live –

A special product for demanding customers!